Ar3Digilab laboratory

Design, preparation, and characterization of materials and processes based on Green Chemistry for applications in biomedicine, wastewater treatment, and cosmetics.
Preparation of bio-based systems or functional nanoplatforms for the study of the molecular mechanism of bacterial photosynthesis and applications in biomedicine, biosensing, and energy.

Design, synthesis and investigation of UV or Vis-NIR light active nanostructured materials for environmental applications: air/water remediation and disinfection, self-cleaning coatings, cultural heritage protection.

  • Keywords: Photoactive nanomaterials, UV light, Solar light, Water remediation, Air remediation, Self-cleaning coating, Water and surface disinfection, Cultural heritage protection 
  • Contact persons: Roberto Comparelli (
  • Branch: Bari Division
Morphological, structural, and compositional characterization of materials at different dimensional scales
  • Keywords: Self-assembly, Supramolecular interactions, Optical resonance, Molecular recognition, Carbon-based composites, Porphyrin derivatives.
  • Contact person: Valentina Villari (
  • Branch: Messina Division
The laboratory deals with the spectroscopic and optical characterization of organic, inorganic, and biological materials both in solution and in the solid state. 
The laboratory deals with the chemical synthesis of colloidal nanostructured materials, such as nanoparticles, nanocrystals, heterostructures, graphene-based hybrids, and with the preparation of nanocomposites and assembled systems at the nanoscale.
Characterization of nanostructured materials and interfaces by scanning probe microscopy
Morphological and optical characterization of nanostructured, nanocomposites and thin-film materials
 Use of calorimetric and thermal analysis techniques for the study of materials and complex systems
  • Keywords: Glass transition, Thermodynamics of binding processes, Thermal properties and stability, Crystallinity, Heat capacity, Heat of reaction
  • Contact persons: Paola Fini (, 
  • Branch: Bari Division
Production and characterization of polymeric materials for tissue engineering, nanotechnology, drug delivery, molecular imprinting
The research activity is mainly related to the various aspects of nano science and nanophotonics with a key focus on spectroscopic characterization (Raman, SERS, TERS) and on optical trapping and manipulation (optical twezers) of nanostructures.
Study of the properties and of the nanometric interphases in polymeric and biopolymeric systems
Design, preparation and characterization of multiphasic and/or functional materials, with modular composition and structure
  • Keywords: Biopolymers, Materials Science, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Microplastics, Bio-Degradation
  • Contact person: Simona Bronco (
  • Branch: Pisa Division
Rheological study on viscoelastic properties of bio-based polymers
The research activity of the lab is focused on solar energy conversion using photoelectrochemical devices
The laboratory collaborates for pre-clinical and clinical studies with important companies in the reference sector both in Italy and abroad