Cultural Heritage

Over the years, the researchers of IPCF working on Cultural Heritage gained expertise in diagnostic methodologies, by exploiting several non-invasive techniques of investigation that lead into the development of new materials and approaches for the study, the diagnostics, the preservation, the valorization and the access to Cultural Heritage.

The diagnostic investigations on the items of interest are performed by means of advanced spectroscopic techniques, that are integrated with multivariate statistical and machine-learning methods, with a multi-analytical approach.

Laser scanning and photogrammetric survey are exploited to obtain accurate digital reproductions of the artifacts, which can be used as starting point for the planning of further investigations and for the implementation of tests in virtual environment. The use of imaging techniques, such as multi-spectral analysis and thermography, enable a diagnostic investigation of the surface, so that the identification of the materials and the evaluation of the deterioration level are possible. The chemico-physical characterization of materials, moreover, is performed by in situ spectroscopic investigations or by sampling and subsequent analysis in the laboratory.

Ar3Digilab Laboratory – Messina

Laboratory of Electronic Microscopy – Bari

P.L.D. Lab – Messina