Mission and Research Lines

IPCF has as its founding mission an interdisciplinary research activity focused on physical chemistry. The scientific interests, both of a fundamental and applicative nature, are aimed at the study of “soft matter“, disordered systems, composite and nanostructured materials, biomimetic systems, “plasmon-enhanced” nanospectroscopy, optical trapping and manipulation, supramolecular architectures. IPCF is also involved in the development of innovative methodologies and inter- and multi-disciplinary applications in fields such as energy (solar cells), life sciences (nanomedicine and precision medicine), environment (sensors, environmental clean-up) and cultural heritage. More specifically the activities include:

  • the study of self-organization, surface interactions, relaxation, transport;
  • the design, construction, study and characterization of materials of different degrees of complexity;
  • the development of theoretical-computational models and techniques;
  • the development of new experimental methodologies, the design and construction of innovative instruments, also for sensors.

Biological Material Immobilization Strategies for Biosensing

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Extending the Optical Cross Section of Photosynthetic Proteins

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