Laboratory of Linear and Time-resolved Spectroscopy

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Advanced Materials -Chemistry for Cultural Heritage – Chemistry for Life Sciences – Energy – Green Chemistry

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Absorption, Photoluminescence, TCSPC, DLS, Absolute Quantum Yield, Transient Absorption Spectroscopy

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The laboratory deals with the spectroscopic characterization of nanostructured, organic, hybrid and biological materials both in solution and deposited in thin films. The implemented techniques include absorption, transmittance and reflectance measurements from UV to NIR, both steady-state and time-resolved (sub-nsec resolution)  fluorescence spectroscopy and single-wavelength measurements with 0.1msec resolution as to fluorescence anisotropy and absolute Quantum Yield investigations


Cary 5000 Agilent: UV-vis-NIR spectrophotometers equipped with integrating sphere for reflectance measurements

FluoroLog 3-221 Horiba Jobin Yvon: Spectrofluorimeter with Photon Counter detector for steady-state emission measurements and time-resolved modes using Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC), for measurements in solution on thin films. Double-excited grating monochromators allow investigations of highly dispersed or solid biological samples such as powders, semiconductors or phosphors. The system has a detector extension for steady state and time resolved NIR measurements and is equipped with excitation and emission polarizers for steady state and time resolved fluorescence anisotropy measurements. Technical features: R928P side-on photomultiplier tube (180-850nm), TBX photon counter (300-850nm) and Peltier cooled InGaAs (900-1500nm) emission detector. TCSPC Lifetime range: 200ps-100μs Excitation sources: pulsed laser diode: 485 nm; 375 nm and 635 nm NanoLeds.. Spectralon integrating sphere for absolute QY measurements in solution and thin film.