IPCF Messina

The Messina headquarters consists of 29 permanent staff units, including 16 researchers, 5 administrative collaborators, 7 technicians, 1 technologist and 8 temporary contract holders (RTD, PhD students and Research Fellows).

The research activities cover the synthesis of nanomaterials by laser ablation (semiconductors and metals) and by phase exfoliation 
liquid (2D materials), for sensor applications (field-enhanced spectroscopy, Raman, SERS, TERS), for nanophotonics and for the characterization of micro and nanoplastics by optical tweezers. Other research activities are focused on theoretical and computational chemistry, with recent developments in astrochemistry and prebiotic chemistry, as well as on low-cost synthesis and characterization of 3rd generation solar cells. 
Finally, artificial intelligence studies are ongoing to find optimized solutions to different problems both of fundamental character (optical trapping, spectroscopy) and for applications in ophthalmology and for epidemic containment strategies.

The Messina headquarters is located in a building owned by the CNR located in the northern area of the city, a few hundred meters from the Science & Engineering Departments of the University of Messina.


Indirizzo: Viale F. Stagno D’Alcontres 37, 98158 Messina, Italy

tel:  +39 090 39762200

email: amministrazione.me@ipcf.cnr.it

Direttore: Dr. Onofrio M. Maragò

tel: +39 090 39762203

email: onofrio.marago@cnr.it; direttore@ipcf.cnr.it

Messina Administration Manager:  Dr. Marco Grasso

tel: +39 090 39762202

email: marco.grasso@cnr.it