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Green Chemistry – Energy – Advanced Materials

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DSSC, Photovoltaic, Solar cells, Hydrogen, Perovskite Solar Cells 

The S.O.L.A.R.E. (Spectrophotometry, Optoelectronics, Luminescence, Analysis, Relaxation, Energy) Lab is characterized by multidisciplinary expertise in the field of photovoltaics third generation hybrid-organic concerning the preparation of materials (nano-structured materials, sensitizers, catalysts, solutions electrolytic, etc.); their characterization with spectroscopic, thermal and mechanical analysis; the manufacture of electrodes (anodes and cathodes); their Assembly into devices of different resolutions (both solar cells that forms a large area) and finally the determination of PV performance and their stability over time.

The research activity of the lab is focused on solar energy conversion using photoelectrochemical devices (PEC) or Perovskite Solar Cells (PSC):

  • Development of nanostructured materials (3D and 2D) sensitizers, and electrode components for photovoltaics of generation and their physico-chemical characterization UV_Vis, IR spectrophotometry, spectrofluorimetry, thermal analysis (TGA) and mechanical analysis (DMTA), etc.
  • Fabrication of hybrid-organic photovoltaic devices based on artificial and natural/sensitizers Perovskites (PSCs & DSCs) and their characterization through measures I/V and IPCE.
  • Understanding the mechanisms that regulate the processes of operation of third generation solar cells (electron transfer, processes/elettrolita electrode interface, etc.) 
  • Study of durability of photovoltaic modules based on Dye-sensitized solar cells and u perovskites (PSMs and DSMs) and its efficiency as a function of the materials used.


  • Test Cell Assembly Machin (DYESOL-TCAM)
  • Sabbiatrice (Sandmaster AG-FG1-93)
  • Serigrafo semiautomatico (DYESOL-AT-45PA)
  • Laser scriber (BODOR-BCL-M)
  • Profilometro (Bruker-DktaK XT)
  • Solar simulator (PHOTO EMISSION TECH INC-SS200AAA EM)
  • IPCE-station (Solarena-IPCE1-00)
  • Analizzatore dinamico meccanico (Triton-TT DMA)
  • Calorimetro simultaneo (Setaram-TGDSC 111)
  • Calorimetro Differenziale a Scansione (Mettler-DSC 1)
  • Analizzatore termo-dielettrico (Rheometric-DETA)
  • Spettrofotometro infrarosso a trasformata di Fourier e microscopio (Perkin-Elmer Spectrum GX con Autoimage)
  • Spettrofoometro Uv-Vis (Perkin-Elmer Lambda 20)
  • Gascromatografo (Perkin-Elmer-AutoSystem XL)