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Avviso di selezione n. IPCF-AR-004-2024-ME scad. 15/05/2024

1-year Senior Research Fellowship focused on “Development of optical, Raman and/or acoustic tweezers to manipulate and investigate individual dust grains or micrometeorites. Spectroscopic characterization of cosmic dust” within the Research Program “Cosmic Dust II: COSMOCHEMISTRY AND SPACE TWEEZERS TECHNOLOGIES FOR SOLAR SYSTEM SCIENCE AND EXPLORATION  – CUP B53D23004880006” – PRIN 2022 COSMIC DUST II, funded […]

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Avviso di selezione n. IPCF-AR-003-2024-ME scad. 13/05/2024

1-year post-doctoral Research Fellowship focused on “Study of optical forces for the separation and identification of enantiomers of chiral particles and biomolecules” within the Research Program “Mapping and controlling nanoscale optomechanical forces for separation of chiral analytes” – PRIN 2022 EnantioSelex,  funded by the European Union- Next Generation EU. Qualification: Degree in Physics (20/S; LM/17) […]

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