Monthly Archives: January 2022

Exploration of the mechanisms of prebiotic synthesis in impact craters

Duration: From 2022 to 2024 (3 years) Bilateral agreement: CNR/CAS (Czech Republic) – biennio 2022-2023 Funding Institution: CNR and Academy of Science, Czech Republic Contact person: F. Saija (IPCF) – Martin Ferus, (Academy of Science, Czech Republic) This project focuses on extensive experimental and theoretical investigations of formamide-based and hydrogen-cyanide- (HCN)-based prebiotic synthesis in post-impact hydrothermal model environments. Firstly, the fundamental Chemistry […]

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Detection of micro and nanoplastics absorbed in the gut of marine invertebrates by Raman/SERS tweezers

Duration: From January 2022 to December 2024 (2 years) Bilateral agreement: CNR/Royal Society (United Kingdom) – 2022-2023 Funding Institution: Royal Society Contact person:  P. G. Gucciardi (IPCF) – Tamara Galloway (University of Exeter – UK) The project is focused on the detection of micro and nanoplastics absorbed in the intestine of marine invertebrates using Raman optical tweezers in order to increase […]

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