ORCID: 0000-0002-1303-3595

Address: Area della Ricerca di Pisa, Via G. Moruzzi 1,
56124, Pisa, Italy
Edificio B, ingresso 21, piano terra, stanza 19

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Cheherazade Trouki

PhD Student - Pisa

Research interests

Cheherazade Trouki is a Research grant holder at CNR-IPCF and a PhD student in Science of Drug and Bioactive Substances at the University of Pisa, under the supervision of Dr. Giovanni Barcaro (CNR-IPCF) and Dr. Susanna Monti (CNR-ICCOM). Her research activities are focused on computational multi-scale modeling, from Quantum Chemistry calculations to reactive and non-reactive Molecular Dynamics simulations. Her aim is to design, prepare and characterize efficient materials that can be loaded with molecules of biological interest to overcome issues like drug resistance.
Project: “Atomistic multi-scale simulations, based on well-parametrized force fields, of complex hybrid systems (bio-organic/inorganic) in model microcellular environments,”– PRIN2020 “MITHoS – Multimodal Innovative THeranostic nanoSystem”

Keywords: Multiscale molecular modelling, Computational medicinal chemistry, Biomolecular systems, Pharmaceutical technology


  1. 2021

    Master's Degree in Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy

    Università di Pisa

Professional appointments

  1. 2022
    Research Fellow
  2. 2021
    Qualified Pharmacist
    Università di Pisa