ORCID: 0000-0002-9824-3099

Address: Viale F. Stagno D'Alcontres 37,
98158, Messina, Italy

Social accounts:

Antonino Foti

Researcher - Messina

Research interests

Antonino’s research topics range within the field of nano-optics and plasmonics. In particular, he has been focused to the optimization of advanced characterization techniques such as surface- and tip- enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS and TERS) for the development of label-free sensors that allow the ultrasensitive detection of (bio)molecules and for chemical imaging of thin molecular films and nanostructured materials with nanoscale spatial resolution. Antonino is also interested in developing sensing techniques that combine SERS and optical forces to manipulate plasmon nanoparticles and create on-demand SERS-active aggregates directly in liquid. He has recently faced the microplastic issues employing Raman optical tweezers. This technique allow the control and simultaneous chemical identification in liquid at the level of the single nano-object has allowed the characterization of micro and nano plastics dispersed in water or complex matrices.

He is editor of the JEOS special issue PLASMONICA2023.

Keywords: Nanospectroscopies (SERS/TERS), Optical forces, Scanning probe microscopy (SPM), (Bio)sensors, Micro/nano-plastics

Affiliations:  Italian Society of Optics and Photonics (SIOF) – OPTICA


  1. 2017

    PhD. in Physics

    University of Messina
  2. 2013

    Master Degree in Physics

    University of Messina

Professional Appointments

  1. July 2020 -
    IPCF - CNR
  2. 2019 - 2020
    University of Reggio Calabria
  3. 2017 - 2019
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France