Address: Area della Ricerca di Pisa, Via G. Moruzzi 1,
56124, Pisa, Italy
Edificio B, ingresso 8, piano terra, stanza 14

Giovanna Russo

Administrative collaborator - Pisa

Responsible for the recruitment and selection procedures of national and foreign external personnel in relation to short term, research grants, scholarships, curricular and non-curricular internships, seminars, assignments; secretary of competitions; management of employee attendance, meal vouchers; management of contracts and conventions; delegation card management; computer protocol; management and reporting of regional, national and European projects.


  1. 2005

    Degree in Law

    Università di Pisa

Professional appointments

  1. 2014
    Administrative collaborator
  2. 2005
    Internal secretariat coordinator for technical activities; support to the organization and secretarial activity of the group of auditors of contracts for third parties; preparation of proposals to be submitted for selection to the European Commission
    San Piero a Grado Nuclear Research Group (GRNSPG)