ORCID: 0000-0002-1957-9951

Address: Viale F. Stagno D'Alcontres 37,
98158, Messina, Italy

Social accounts:

Domenico Lombardo

Senior Researcher - Messina

Research interests

Experimental and Theoretical Research in the fields of Soft Matter, Drug Delivery, Biotechnology and Nanomaterials with particular focus on:

  • Study of Soft Interactions between Nanocarriers and Biological Membranes and Drug Delivery Processes.
  • Experimental and Theoretical Approaches for the Study of Supramolecular Processes in Biomaterials and Nanomaterials.
  • Self-assembly and Synthesis of Biomaterials and Nanomaterials for Health, Engineering and Environment

Keywords: Drug Delivery, Biomaterials, Lipid /Polymer Nanocarriers, Biologic Membrane, Soft Interactions, Light /X-Rays/Neutron Scattering, Specroscopic Methods.

Research group: Bio-NanoMat


  1. 2006

    Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering

    University of Messina
  2. 1996

    Ph. D in Physics

    University of Messina
  3. 1990

    Master's Degree in Physics

    University of Messina

Professional Appointments

  1. 2020
    Senior Researcher
  2. 2001