Laboratory of Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites

Research topics:

Advanced Materials -Chemistry for Cultural Heritage – Chemistry for Life Sciences – Energy – Green Chemistry



Colloidal chemical synthesis, Solvothermal synthesis, Nanocomposites preparation, Graphene-based nanocomposites, Surface functionalization, Supramolecular organization

 Other info:

The syntheses of colloidal nanostructured materials, nanocomposites, and assembled systems at the nanoscale are performed by means of a vacuum-nitrogen Schlenk line, of an autoclave reactor for solvothermal synthesis, of a glove box for the manipulation of chemicals in a controlled atmosphere and of centrifuges for the purification of the synthesized materials. A tip sonicator is used for the exfoliation and functionalization of graphene derivatives, for the synthesis of hybrids with nanoparticles, and for the optimization of nanostructures dispersion in polymeric matrices. The nanostructures and nanocomposites can be further deposited in thin films by spin-coating and thermally treated onto a hot plate.


Magnetically-driven autoclave 50 mL fixed head microreactor (Parr, PA 4597) for working temperatures up to 350°C and maximum operating pressure of 3000 psi. The microreactor is equipped with magnetically driven stirrer motor operating at variable speed, a support system to control motor and stirring speed, a pressure transducer for the internal pressure measure, and a temperature controller for measuring the reactor internal and heating mantle external temperatures.

Glove-box MBraun Unilab plus/pro stainless stell, equipped by HEPA filter, gas purification system, automatic and regenerable, for maintaining O2 and H2O concentrations lower than 1 pmm, touch panel TFT70 to control system parameters and freezer (-35°C-10°C) to store reagents. The glove box allows to work in inert atmosphere of N2 and clean environment. The system is equipped by two pre cambers that allow transferring material in and out of the box and viceversa, controlling the working atmosphere.

Tip sonicator Fischer Scientific (700 W) equipped by standard tip of 9 MM, microtips of 3.1 MM and 1.6 MM, and temperature probe.

Refrigerated Bench centrifuge Thermo Multifuge X3R, equipped by two rotors and diverse adapters for tubes of 750 ml and 10 ml. Angular speed control up to 15000 rpm, control of centrifuge force up to 25300xg, temperature from -10°C to +40°C, and acceleration and deceleration, timer and programs.

Spin coater Headway Research EC 101 DT and Hot Plate EMS model 1000-1. The spinner rotates an object (substrate) and use the centrifugal force to spread a liquid across the surface. Uses include cleaning a substrate surface, conditioning the surface for following processes, coating the surface with a thin uniform film, developing micro images in exposed photosensitive coatings.

The EMS Precision Electronic Hot Plate Model 1000-1 provides uniform baking of substrates with even temperatures across a surface.