Laboratory for nanoscale electrical and electromechanical characterization

Research topics:

Advanced Materials – Energy



Piezoelectrics, Polymeric nanocomposites, Scanning probe microscopy, Dielectric spectroscopy, Polymer nanostructures

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The laboratory is based at the Department of Physics of the University of Pisa

Research activity carried out in this laboratory concerns two main topics:

1) development of innovative measurement methods for scanning probe microscopy;

2) nanometer scale surface characterization of materials, in particular nano-dielectrics, nano-electromechanics, and nano-tribology.

The activities are mainly carried out by means of scanning probe microscopy techniques, with particular focus to interphase and interface properties on the nanometer scale. Materials and systems of interest are polymers, polymeric nanocomposites, piezo- and ferro-electrics.


Atomic force microscope Multimode Nanoscope IIIa modified for local dielectric spectroscopy mode, equipped with temperature control and measurement cells for operation in controlled atmosphere and fluid environment.

Atomic force microscope in high vacuum environment based on tuning fork sensors for piezoresponse force microscopy (home built)

Scanning shear force microscope, for friction force microscopy (home built) 

Gauge for transversal converse piezoelectric coefficient measurement (home built)

Broadband dielectric spectrometer Novocontrol Alpha Analyzer equipped by Quatro Cryosystems cryostat