Green Chemistry Laboratory

Research topics:

Advanced Materials – Chemistry for Life Sciences – Green Chemistry



Biopolymers-based materials; Organic-inorganic hybrid materials; Wastewater treatment; Adsorption; Water Pollution; Agro-food waste recycling

 Other info:

The research activities carried out in this laboratory are mainly devoted to:

  • Design, study, and characterization of systems based on pigments, photosynthetic and not, and on agri-food wastes for biomedical, cosmetic, environmental, and food processing applications; 
  • Development/preparation and chemical-physical characterization of naturally derived adsorbent materials in the frame of the principles of “Green Chemistry” and “Circular Bio-Economy”;
  • Development of methods for the treatment of wastewater based on adsorption, using adsorbent materials with low environmental impact;
  • Development of methods to synthesize metallic nanoparticles for cosmetic and biomedical applications starting from aqueous agro-food waste extracts.

The main equipment present in this laboratory consists of centrifuges and ultra-centrifuge, plasticware, and glassware, stirring plates with thermal control, sonicator, and microbalance. 


AUTOLAB PGSTAT10 potentiostat interfaced with a personal computer for performing electrochemical experiments