Giornate di Dipartimento DSCTM 2023

Giornate di Dipartimento DSCTM 2023

Sestri Levante (Ge)

On October 18th-20th, IPCF took part to the yearly meeting of the Department of Chemical Sciences and Technologies of Materials (DSCTM). The conference was organized by DSCTM with the support of the Genua unities of the Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry and Technologies for Energy (ICMATE) and of the Institute of Chemical Sciences and Technologies (SCITEC). This conference is part of the CNR centennial (1923-2023). More information are available of the web site of the event.

Our Institute contributed with five oral communications and nine posters, covering all the research areas of DSCTM. Here the full list of contributions, grouped by research pillars:

  • Advanced Materials

Andrea Cintio, oral communication: High-temperature dielectric characterization for microwave-assisted processes

Marinella Striccoli, oral communication: Carbon Dots: new fluorescent nanoparticles for advanced optical applications

Alessandro Magazzù, poster: Optical and Raman tweezers for the manipulation and characterization of cosmic dust

Silvie Bernatova, poster: Enhanced Raman spectroscopy for small nanoplastics detection

Adriana Gandolfo, poster: Novel Hybrid Nanocomposites Coatings based on Reduced Graphene Oxide decorated with Shape Controlled Ag Nanoparticles for Textiles Coating Applications

Carlo Nazareno Dibenedetto, poster: Functional nanostructured materials by wet chemistry synthetic approaches

Sebastiano Trusso, poster: Is SERS with ligands and gold nanofilm the key to rapid and sensitive hemoglobin essay?

  • Chemistry and Materials for Cultural Heritage

Dario Giuffrida, poster: Use of recycled paper as eco-friendly SERS sensor in Cultural Heritage diagnostics: some case studies

  • Chemistry and Materials for Energy

Donatella Spadaro, oral communication: Next-Generation Photovoltaics: Unveling the Synergy between Solar Energy, Nanomaterials, Green Chemistry and Technology

Federica Aiello, oral communication: NMR Spectroscopy as a Powerful Tool for Optimizing Perovskite Stabilization Processes

  • Chemistry and Materials for Health and Life Sciences

Valentina Villari, poster: Self-polymerization of Dopamine on fluorescent carbon dots surface: a potential strategy for its quick detection

  • Computational Modelling:

Cheherazade Trouki, poster: ReaxFF molecular dynamics simulations to explore the structure and drug delivery process of ZnO nanoparticles

  • Green Chemistry and Sustainability

Massimo Trotta, oral communication: From sustainability to circularity. The mighty power of photosynthesis

Leonardo Arrighetti, poster: Cutin by-products in designing of green materials

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