Varian ProStar HPLC-UV System

Equipped with two 210 pumps with 5 mL/min heads, a 325 UV/Vis dual wavelength detector.
Analysis of soluble samples

Nome e marca dello strumento Varian ProStar HPLC-UV System
Ubicazione IPCF UOS Bari
Anno fabbricazione/installazione 2003
Descrizione caratteristiche operative Pump Head Flow Range 0.025-25 (mL/min)flow rates limit up to 100 mL/min
Pressure limit 8700 psi
Flow accuracy ±1% of selected flow rate
Flow reproducibility ±0.1% of selected flow rate
Campi di applicazione separation, identification, and quantification of each component in a liquid mixture
Nome e Cognome Roberto Comparelli
Telefono +39 080 5442027