Ultracentrifuge Beckman Optima L-60

Ultracentrifuge for material separation based on size and density.

Nome e marca dello strumento Ultracentrifuge Beckman Optima L-60
Ubicazione Lab 134
Anno fabbricazione/installazione 1992
Descrizione caratteristiche operative •60,000 RPM max speed
•Vacuum encased brushless induction drive
•CFC-free refrigeration system
•Run time of up to 99 hours & 59 minutes
•Temperature range of 0°C to 40°C
The Optima L-60 is compatible with fixed-angle and swing-bucket rotors in multiple capacity configurations.
Campi di applicazione Differential centrifugation for cell fractionation of procariotic and eucariotic organisms. Protein purification. Nanoparticles separation.
Nome e Cognome Massimo Trotta
Email m.trotta@ba.ipcf.cnr.it
Telefono +39 080 5442033