Sputter coater K575X Quorum

Peltier cooled sputter head that allows fine coating (order of 0.5nm Cr Grain Size) and thin Film deposition (typically 5nm) of metals for SEM sample preparation. The system is equipped with:
• Special Rotating Stage with Full Tilt Facility fitted as standard
• 165mm Diameter Chamber
• Dual Sputter Head
• Film Thickness Monitor
• Target of Cr ad Au
• No cooling water required
• Ultra high resolution reproducible coatings
• Repeatable film thickness depositions
• Easy loading and unloading of samples
• Allows sequential coatings to be made without breaking vacuum
• Can pre-set deposition thickness
It can quickly be converted to deposit carbon by the addition of a carbon evaporation attachment, consisting of a switchable voltage power supply and a carbon fibre head (CA7625 carbon accessory)

Nome e marca dello strumento Sputter coater K575X Quorum
Ubicazione Lab. A10, Tecnopolis, Valenzano (BA)
Anno fabbricazione/installazione 2010
Descrizione caratteristiche operative Instrument Case: 450mm Wide x 350mm Deep x 175mm High
Work Chamber: Borosilicate Glass 165mm Dia x 125mm
High Safety Shield: Polycarbonate
Target: 54mm Dia x 0.2mm Thick (Chromium fitted as Standard)
Specimen Stage: 60mm Dia. Rotating Stage with Tilt facility.
Vacuum Gauge Range: 1×10-3 – 1×10-4 mbar
Deposition Current: 0-150mA
Deposition Rate: 0-20nm/Minute
Sputter Timer: 0-4 minutes
Turbomolecular Pump: 60 litres/Second (Ultimate vacuum 1×10-8 mbar)
Campi di applicazione Deposition of thin films of metals (Au and Cr) and metal oxides on non conductive specimens for SEM by magnetron sputtering.
In addition the system is equipped with a head for carbon evaporation.
Nome e Cognome Marinella Striccoli
Email m.striccoli@ba.ipcf.cnr.it
Telefono +39 080 5442027