Atomic Force Microscope AFM XE 100 PSIA

Atomic Force Microscope for morphological studies of surfaces and nanostructured materials at the nanoscale. It provides three-dimensional topography and surface measurements at atomic resolution, with easy sample preparation and manipulation.

Nome e marca dello strumento Atomic Force Microscope AFM XE 100 PSIA
Ubicazione Lab. 135, first floor, Chemistry Department, University of Bari
Anno fabbricazione/installazione 2005
Descrizione caratteristiche operative Decoupled XY and Z scanner
Single module flexure XY scanner with closed-loop control
Scan range of XY scanners: 5 µm, 50 µm, or 100 µm
Scan range of Z scanners: 12 µm or 25 µm
Working range of XY stage: 25 mm × 25 mm, manual precision movement
Working range of Z stage: 27.5 mm, motorized movement
Measureable sample size: 80 mm × 80 mm, 20 mm thick, and up to 500 g
Detection of cantilever deflection
Laser Diode: 650 nm
Super Luminescent Diode: 835 nm with low coherency
Optical access availability (optional)
On-axis vision of sample surface and cantilever
Focus range: 20 mm, motorized
Magnification: 780× (optional 160×, 390×, and 1500×)
Field of view: 480 µm × 360 µm
Optical resolution: 1 µm
High performance DSP: 600 MHz with 4800 MIPS
Maximum image size: 16 data channels of 4096 × 4096 pixels
Signal inputs: 20 channels of 16 bit ADC at 500 kHz sampling
Signal outputs: 21 channels of 16 bit DAC at 500 kHz settling
Electric signal noise: < 10 pA (system default), < 0.1 pA (optional)
Synchronous signal: End-of-image, end-of-line, and end-of-pixel TTL signals
Active Q control (optional)
Cantilever spring constant calibration (optional)
Software XEP
Dedicated system control and data acquisition software
Adjusting feedback gain, set point, drive frequency/amplitude/phase in real time
AFM data analysis software
True Non-Contact Mode
Contact mode
Lateral Force Microscopy
Force – distance spectroscopy
Phase imaging of True Non-Contact, FMM, MFM, EFM, and SCM
Conductive AFM
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Electric Force Microscopy
Scanning Capacitance Microscopy
Campi di applicazione Investigation of the morphological properties of functionalized surfaces, nanocomposite materials and 2D/3D assembly of nanoparticles and nanocristals on substrates.
Nome e Cognome Marinella Striccoli
Telefono +39 080 5442027