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Dynamic light scattering (DLS), Zetasizer Malvern nano ZS90

Misure di diametro medio e indice di polidispersità (PDI) di nanoparticelle polimeriche e metalliche. Valutazione dell’effetto della sonicazione e di vari mezzi disperdenti sul grado di aggregazione dei nanomateriali. Quantitative information regarding the mean size and polydispersity index (PDI) of

HPLC Perkin Elmer

Determination of monomer conversion and molecular weight of polymers. Biodegradation study. Evaluation of release kinetics of drugs, peptides, proteins and nucleic acid. Measurements of surface chemical functionalization density. Evaluation of molecular recognition ability of molecularly imprinted materials. Nome e marca

Helios Femtosecond Transient Absorption Spectrometer and Halcyione Spectrofluorimeter Ultrafast Systems

HELIOS is a CCD-based broadband pump-probe femtosecond Transient Absorption Spectrometer Helios, used for monitoring extremely short-lived optically absorbing states. The experimental time window ranges from femtoseconds to nanoseconds. Helios is designed to work with amplified femtosecond lasers for application in

Cristallini Caterina

Esperienze Lavorative 1997- 1998: researcher in the production of membranes for the guided regeneration of soft and hard tissues within a project of University of Pisa. 1998- 1999: carried out research activity for post-PhD grant in Industrial Engineering. In 1999:

Ultracentrifuge Beckman Optima L-60

Ultracentrifuge for material separation based on size and density. Nome e marca dello strumento Ultracentrifuge Beckman Optima L-60 Ubicazione Lab 134 Anno fabbricazione/installazione 1992 Descrizione caratteristiche operative •60,000 RPM max speed •Vacuum encased brushless induction drive •CFC-free refrigeration system •Run

Spin coater Headway Research EC 101 DT and Hot Plate EMS model 1000-1

The spinner rotates an object (substrate), and use the centrifugal force to spread a liquid across the surface. Uses include cleaning a substrate surface, conditioning the surface for following processes, coating the surface with a thin uniform film, developing micro

Confocal Microscope C1 Plus Nikon

The Nikon C1 confocal system delivers 3 dimensional confocal fluorescent images of samples with high resolution and contrast. Confocal microscopy allows analysis of fluorescent labeled thick specimens without physical sectioning. Optical sections are generated by eliminating out-of-focus fluorescence and displayed

FluoroLog 3-221 Horiba Jobin Yvon

Spectrofluorometer with Photon Counter detector for emission measurements in steady state and time resolved mode by Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC), on solution and thin films. The double-grating monochromators in excitation and emission positions allow investigation on highly scattering

Sputter coater K575X Quorum

Peltier cooled sputter head that allows fine coating (order of 0.5nm Cr Grain Size) and thin Film deposition (typically 5nm) of metals for SEM sample preparation. The system is equipped with: • Special Rotating Stage with Full Tilt Facility fitted

Spettrofotometro cinetico home made

Spettrofotometro mono-raggio operante a singola lunghezza d’onda per misure risolte nel tempo con possibilità di fotoeccitazione del campione con lampada flash. Nome e marca dello strumento Spettrofotometro cinetico home made Ubicazione Lab 134, sede di Bari Anno fabbricazione/installazione 2000 Descrizione