Mallardi Antonia

Esperienze Lavorative

1994-to present: researcher at the “Institute for chemical and physical processes (IPCF), Bari division – CNR”, (formerly “Center for Chemical Physical Studies of Light-Matter Interaction).

Attività di Formazione

1984: Degree in “Biological Sciences”
1989: PhD in “Medical Biology and Biochemistry”, at the University of Bari.
1989 – 1990: CNR Research fellow at Center for Chemical Physical Studies of Light-Matter Interaction, CNR, Bari, Italy.
1990 – 1991: CNR Research fellow at Department of Membrane Biochemistry of Max-Planck Institut fur Biochemie (Martinsried).
1993 – 1994: Post doctoral fellow at Chemistry Department of University of Bari.
2014: National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor in “Analytical Chemistry” (section 03/A1).

Attività di Ricerca 

The main research activities of Antonia Mallardi deal with protein assembling in supramolecular architectures for optical and electronic biosensing and functionality of membrane proteins (electron transfer and cofactor binding) in amorphous matrices and mimetic membrane systems.


Embedding techniques of biomolecules, soluble and membrane proteins in lipid bilayers and in layer-by-layer superstructures for biosensor applications.
Assembling of materials in supramolecular architectures; active layer preparation with hierarchical organisation from molecular to mesoscopic level for devices assembling and testing.
Protein biochemistry, focused on membrane proteins (neuronal receptors, photosynthetic proteins).
Chromatographic, electrophoretic, centrifugation tecniques for protein isolation, purification and characterization.
Solubilization of membrane proteins in different membrane mimetic systems and in trehalose-water amorphous matrices. Studies on their functionality .
Incorporation techniques of photosynthetic proteins in phospholipid reverse micelles, liposomes and lecithin organogels.

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